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G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1s - 800m2
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper
G1S - 800M2 Robotgressklipper

G1s - 800m2

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SØMLØS G1 | Robot Lawn Mower - 1000m2. AI-Infused Robotics designed to take care of the little things, So you can spend more of your life doing better things.
With integrated WIFI and intelligent app control, you can schedule what time and days to mow your lawn so that your lawn never grows out of hand.

While your lawn might become the envy of the street, your robot could become a target too. However, you can rest assured it’s safe at any time with a built-in anti-theft system and alarm.
The robot is designed to take care of itself. Intertwined with lift, rain and bumper sensors it can navigate and venture your yard with ease. When the robot has perfected the lawn, it will automatically return to the dock to recharge.
With advanced mowing patterns that enable a level of precision that manual mowing can rarely achieve. Featuring zig-zag, spiral, edge-cut mowing patterns, and pivot razor blades cutting system; you can assure that every blade of grass will be chopped back to perfection.
✓ 2 Year warranty ✓ Free DHL Shipping ✓ Price incl. all taxes and dutie
Maximum coverage(+/- 20%)
Moving speed 22 m/min
Battery 2600mAh
Maximum inclinewithin working area 25°
Maximum incline boundary wire (edge of working area) 10°

Cutting height
2.5-5.5 cm
Working time
1.5 h
Charging time
1.5 - 2 h
Blades rotate speed
Brushless Motor Yes
Øko-modus Ja
Noise level 60 - 65db
Unit size 50 cm x 35.5 cm x 24 cm
Power consumption 54 W
Input voltage AC 100-240 V
Charger Output Voltage DC 29V 1.5A
Net Weight 8.1 kg


  • 1 x Sømløs G1s
  • 1 x charging station
  • 8 x blades
  • User manual
  • 100 m of boundary wire


Wi-Fi Connectivity, Smart APP Control
Eco-friendly. SØMLØS G1s has 0% emissions.
Auto-Charging Magnetic field assisted navigation
Mowing start point Mowing pattern: Zig-Zag, Spiral, Edge cut and Random
4 Pivot Razor Blades cutting System
Emergency switch, alarm button, PIN Code and Anti-Theft
Tilt sensor, lift sensor, bumper sensor, magnetic sensor and rain sensor
LCD Panel